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Catching CAT Banner

Catching CAT

You can get wherever you want to go in Chatham County and downtown Savannah with Chatham Area Transit (CAT). Our CAT network of buses connects historic downtown with all of greater Savannah, providing an easy, efficient method of transit for the residents and visitors of our great county. Wherever you need to go in Savannah, we’ll get you there.

It’s easy.

Fares cost $1.50 one-way for buses. Or, buy a day pass for $3.00 and take unlimited rides on the system all day! Our downtown shuttles and ferry are FREE. We accept tickets, passes, and cash. Take a seat, and we’ll take you where you want to go.

It’s convenient.

Parking can be expensive. Traffic can get heavy. By simply hopping on a bus or one of our fare free services, we’ll get you to work or home, or anywhere else you need to go, quickly and affordably.

It’s inexpensive.

Compare the cost of a CAT fare with a car loan, oil changes, repairs, ever-increasing gasoline costs, insurance, parking fees, and on and on. It’s a simple choice.

It’s relaxing.

Forget the stresses of getting cut off in traffic, inexplicable construction, detours and accidents. Let us do the work for you. Put in your headphones, peruse the Savannah Morning News or Connect Savannah, and ease your way into the day.

It’s better for the environment.

The more of us who ride public transportation, the less emissions we put in the air. Let’s continue Savannah’s great green initiatives and do our part to keep pollution down and clean our air up. Calculate the carbon dioxide emissions saved by switching to public transportation here.

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