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Rider Alerts

01/19/2021 – Route 3 West Chatham schedule adjusted

The Route 3 service schedule on weekdays has been adjusted slightly to accommodate  a test stop at the Morgan Lakes Industrial Park. The change means that the bus will depart/arrive 10 minutes later during the day at some locations. Customers are encouraged to check the modified schedule online at

11/03/2020 – Abercorn bus stop closure

Due to construction in the area, the downtown bus stop at Abercorn Street and Wayne Street (Calhoun Square) will be closed until further notice. Passengers should instead catch the inbound stop at Abercorn & Jones Street.

11/03/2020 – Augusta Avenue bus stop closures

Due to construction in the area, 3 West Chatham and 3B Augusta outbound buses will not be able to service the following stops along Augusta Avenue.

  1.  Augusta & Baker
  2.  Augusta & Alexander
  3.  Augusta & Brittany
  4.  Augusta & Graham

The closest alternative outbound stop is at Augusta and McIntyre.

On the inbound, the 3 West and 3B Augusta will be unable to serve stops at:

  1.  Augusta & Lily
  2.  Augusta & Brittany
  3.  Augusta & Alexander
  4.  Augusta & Baker

The closest alternative inbound stop is at West Bay & Lissner or Augusta & McIntrye.

The stops are expected to be closed for four to five days.

CAT reduces evening bus schedule, customer service hours

On July 20, CAT implemented a reduced nightly service schedule in response to low ridership in the evenings, as a result of most businesses and other destinations closing early during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reduction means that all fixed-route buses and CAT Mobility paratransit vehicles cease operations by 10 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday services continue to operate under the regular schedule.

In addition, we have suspended Dot shuttle and Senior Circulator services.

Local bus fare collection remains suspended to allow for rear-door boarding and CAT is encouraging social distancing by permitting only 15 to 20 people per bus or half the normal capacity.

Benton Blvd/Highlands closure 

Due to construction in the area, CAT is unable to serve the stop at Highlands Boulevard and Benton Boulevard. The closest alternative stop is on Benton in front of the Waverly Place apartments.

West Gwinnett Street stop

Starting on June 8, routes 29 West Gwinnett and 17 Silk Hope will be unable to serve the stop in front of the City Lot on West Gwinnett near Stiles Avenue, due to a road widening project.

The nearest alternative stop to catch the 29 West Gwinnett:
Inbound: Stiles and Gwinnett Street
Outbound: Stiles & Darwin Street

The nearest alternative stop to catch the 17 Silk Hope:
Inbound: Stiles & West Gwinnett Street
Outbound: Stiles & Springfield

The project is expected to continue until February 2022.

Broughton Street bus stops closed until further notice

CAT has suspended servicing stops along Broughton Street due to a road improvement project. The project, which is expected to take nine to 12 months to complete, will impact the 14 Abercorn & 11 Candler routes.

Outbound stops missed – Closest alternative stops
Broughton & Montgomery – Transit Center (610 W. Oglethorpe Avenue)
Broughton & Barnard – Transit Center
Broughton & Bull Street – Transit Center
Broughton & Abercorn Street – Abercorn & Oglethorpe
Abercorn & York Street – Abercorn & Oglethorpe

Inbound stops missed Inbound – Closest alternative stops
Abercorn & Broughton (next to the SCAD Library) – Abercorn & Oglethorpe
Broughton & Jefferson (in front of McDonalds) – Transit Center

MLK & Hall stop closed until Further Notice

Due to construction in the area, the CAT bus stop at MLK Jr. Blvd. and Hall St. is unable to be serviced.

The next closest stop is at MLK Jr. Blvd. and Huntingdon St.

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