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Travel Training

CAT is proud to provide a six-month pilot Travel Training program to all eligible CAT Mobility/Paratransit customers who would like to learn to ride CAT fixed-route buses.

What is Travel Training?

CAT’s Travel Training pilot program is for people with disabilities and older adults who want to learn to travel safely and independently using public transit. Travel Training is a FREE self-paced process where an individual, regardless of ability or age, can learn to ride CAT’s fixed-route system.

Who should participate?

Individuals with physical, cognitive and visual disabilities, and older adults wishing to travel independently with confidence.

Why learn to ride?

CAT provides an affordable and convenient way to reach your destination while also promoting independence and increased socialization. For CAT’s paratransit users, Travel Training is the ideal way to transition to fixed-route buses for some trips. All CAT buses are accessible with kneeling capabilities, low floors and boarding ramps to accommodate mobility devices. CAT’s bus services give you the freedom to plan trips at your convenience. With Travel Training you can gain confidence, independence, flexibility and spontaneity.

Where you can travel to?

Medical appointments, work, school, shops, restaurants, senior centers, friends, family…anywhere you want to go!

How does Travel Training work?

Travel Training is conducted for groups or individuals, and may be tailored to fit different schedules and needs. The travel trainer will use a combination of class time and hands-on instruction, which may be held at CAT Central or off-site depending on your needs.

What types of skills are taught during Travel Training?

You will learn several travel skills including: boarding, riding and exiting the buses, maintaining appropriate behavior, excellent safety skills, crossing streets safely, reading maps and schedules, planning the bus trip, identifying the right bus to ride, boarding the bus with a mobility device, and planning for emergencies.

What the Travel Training program process?

Step 1: Submit the Travel Training application form online or by mail

Step 2: Application review/in-person consultation with trainee and family

Step 3: One-on-one or group customized training

Step 4: Travel Training completion certification and graduation

Step 5: Follow-up, within 6 months of graduation

How do I sign up?

Call CAT (912) 944-6055 or email to start the process. A CAT appointed trainer will set up an appointment to discuss your travel skills and goals.





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