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CAT CEO talks “future proofing” transit with industry leaders Banner

CAT CEO talks “future proofing” transit with industry leaders

Savannah, Ga. – Chatham Area Transit CEO Bacarra S. Mauldin participated on Wednesday, Sept. 30, in a panel discussion on how the public transit industry can continue to best serve the public in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

During the half-day session, Mauldin joined other industry leaders in the event, “How to Future-Proof Your Transit System,” presented by the South West Transit Association. The discussion centered on strategies to ensure public transit agencies are prepared to meet current and future challenges, while continuing to deliver and improve services to their customers.

Mauldin discussed her unique position of becoming a transit agency’s CEO in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, while citing some of the safety measures and protocols, such as a virtual call center, that she moved to get quickly into place following her arrival.

Some of the “future-proofing” techniques discussed during the panel included investments CAT has already implemented, such as an intensified vehicle sanitization process, or is in the process of implementing, such as real-time bus tracking, mobile ticketing and zero-emission vehicles.