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CAT board approves Travel Training program Banner

CAT board approves Travel Training program

Savannah, GA – The Chatham Area Transit Authority on Tuesday approved a six-month pilot program for riders of the CAT Mobility paratransit service who complete a Travel Training program allowing graduates to ride CAT’s fixed-route buses for free.

A common benefit of travel training programs is the sense of freedom and independence for people with disabilities who will be provided another transportation option, said interim Executive Director/CEO Michael Brown.

“The ability to use the fixed-route buses eliminates the need to make reservations and offers more flexible commuting choices,” Brown said.

CAT Mobility customers have expressed interest in participating in the training program, which will allow for some paratransit customers to use the fixed-route buses and assist in addressing a growing demand for paratransit service.

CAT Mobility provided 54,091 trips from July 1 – the start of the fiscal year – through December, which is an increase of almost 14 percent compared to the same period in 2018. Based on the current cost per ride, diverting one ride from paratransit to fixed route will generate an estimated cost reduction of about $40. The transition will not generate any additional fixed-route costs because the transition does not require any modifications to the bus service.

The six-month pilot program would allow staff to track participation rates in order to help determine whether the program should be continued after the trial period.

CAT is planning to start the program on Feb. 17. To sign up, call (912) 944-6055 or email

You can check out the Travel Training webpage and fill out an online application by clicking here.

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