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Community Surplus Vehicle Program Banner

Community Surplus Vehicle Program

Chatham Area Transit awards retired CAT vehicles to eligible organizations to help address unmet transportation needs. By granting these vehicles to community groups, they can continue to provide much-needed transportation services. Eligible applicant organizations  are invited to apply according to the published guidelines below.

Congratulations to the selected organization to receive CAT’s first donated vehicle The Savannah Royal Lions Youth Organization!


There are six vehicles being offered at this time.

Applications are closed at this time.

Please see the Program Schedule below for next steps. 


All non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and agencies that serve Chatham County are eligible to apply. If unsure if your group has a 501(c)(3) status, or if you need to apply for it, go to the Internal Revenue Service’s for more information.


  • Applicant must provide IRS documentation or appropriate documentation as proof of not-for-profit and/ or 501(c)(3) designation.
  • Vehicle must be used for transportation for trips with either an origin or destination in Chatham County.
  • Application must include clear designation of primary applicant who will be named as “Buyer” on the vehicle title.
  • Awarded applicants shall use the supplied vehicle to provide transportation to their clients, members, guests or other users as described in the application.
  • Successful applicant will be required to sign an Agreement relating to the exchange of vehicles for passenger transportation-related services.
  • Applicants must certify they have the financial and management capacity to insure granted vehicles, if selected as recipient.
  • Recipient shall immediately remove all Chatham Area Transit colors and logos from the vehicle once they take possession of the vehicle and before the vehicle goes into service.
  • Once recipient takes possession of the vehicle and before being put into service, recipient must clearly indicate ownership of the vehicle.
  • Reporting Requirements: Grantees must track ridership, hours, miles of service, and provide a quarterly report to Chatham Area Transit for one year from award date.
  • Grantees shall not use the vehicle for assisting a campaign for election or for the promotion of or opposition to any ballot proposition, or any political purpose.



Applications will be evaluated by a committee of Chatham Area Transit staff. Given the limited pool of available surplus vehicles, the application process is competitive. The committee will evaluate the applications by taking into consideration the selection criteria, and may seek additional information from the applicant before making final selections.



1. Demonstrated Community Benefit – 62%

2. Service Coordination – 25%

3. Clarity and Quality – 13%

TOTAL – 100%



Successful applications will address the selection criteria, as well as provide data and relevant information, as requested.

  1. Demonstrated Community Benefit

Clearly explain the scope and nature of your agency transportation needs and provide data to back up that need. Explain how you would serve an unmet public transportation need in Chatham County.

Identify the transportation services you currently use, what other options are available to your agency or organization and how your program will coordinate with other programs to get maximum use.

  1. Service Coordination

Describe how your current and proposed service coordinates with other transportation services in the area to ensure broad community benefit. Describe why existing Chatham Area Transit services do not meet your needs.

  1. Clarity and Quality

Applications will be rated on content, clarity, presentation, and quality of the proposal based on legibility, completeness, inclusion of data and clear description of transportation needs.

Donated Vehicles

(as of 7/17/2023)

(driver’s seat not included)

601 15GGE391161090939 2006 29 ft. Gillig Low floor 447,031 23 seated

5 standing

603 15GGE291X61090941 2006 29 ft. Gillig Low floor 471,224 23 seated

5 standing

605 15GGE291361090943 2006 29 ft. Gillig Low floor 493,460 23 seated

5 standing

606 15GGB291961076943 2006 35 ft. Gillig Low floor 667,037 32 seated

10 standing

609 15GGB291461076946 2006 35 ft. Gillig Low floor 838,514 32 seated

10 standing

610 15GGB291661076947 2006 35 ft. Gillig Low floor 786,102 32 seated

10 standing


1. Current Vehicle(s) available to view by appointment      September 1 & 8 , 2023

2. Applications Due                                                             September 22, 2023

3. Review applications and select awardee(s)                    September 23 – October 6 , 2023

4. Award(s) announced                                                        October 24, 2023

5. Deadline to claim vehicle and remove from lot                November 15, 2023


There are six vehicles being offered at this time.

Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to:

Chatham Area Transit
ATTN: Community Surplus Vehicle Program
900 E. Gwinnett St.
Savannah, GA 31401

Or fill out an online application here.

CAT Service Alert: New Bus Schedules and Map Changes Effective July 17, 2023. The Airport Shuttle and the 20 Skidaway Island/Coffee Bluff are temporarily suspended. Select 'Learn More' for more information.
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