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Ticket Vending Machine Banner

Ticket Vending Machine

photo of Ticket Vending Machine

Along with lowering pass prices and service improvements starting October 26, 2015, CAT is proud to roll out a new, convenient option for customers to purchase passes.

The TVM is a Ticket Vending Machine. It allows convenient purchasing of passes any day of the week, at any time, so that boarding the bus is as easy as Tap & Go! Although there will no longer be change cards issued on the bus, TVMs accept cash and return change. * Please note that dollars are returned as coins, not paper money.

TVMs can also be used to read and reload smart cards. Not sure when a pass expires? Tap the card against the blue panel, and the type of pass and expiration date will appear on the screen. The 7 day and 31 day passes will also show a reloading option when tapped.

To start the rollout, two machines will be active. One is at the Transit Center, located next to the building on the platform side. The other is at Oglethorpe Mall (currently out of order), located at the super stop under the parking deck.

TIP – Always choose a receipt after each transaction. Receipts can help in remembering expiration dates as well as providing helpful information in any discussions with Customer Service.

green question markLearn more about passes and all things CAT on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.