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Service Updates

July 14, 2014 Service Update

A new inbound trip starts today on the 31 Skidaway/Sandfly. It leaves Walmart at 6:50 AM, arriving at the Transit Center at 7:23 AM.

All other routes and schedules remain the same.

We look forward to seeing you at our public meetings throughout the summer to receive your feedback and discuss possibilities for October.

March 10, 2014 Service Update

Service adjustments that were discussed at public meetings in January go into effect Monday, March 10, 2014.

Reminders on What to Expect (click on any route name to preview its schedule):

Route 3 West Chatham – Inbound times Mon-Sat leaving Highlands & Benton will now be 7 minutes earlier to reflect on the hour departure.

Route 4 Barnard – Inbound trips at 8:16 PM and 9:16 PM Mon-Fri will have 7 additional minutes to get to Montgomery Landings and to Barnard & Anderson, arriving at the Transit Center 7 minutes later than currently. We also updated the passenger schedule map to show this route’s connection to Route 27 at Chatham Plaza.

Route 17 Silk Hope – Inbound trips from 9:35 AM through 3:35 PM Mon-Fri will leave Super Walmart 5 minutes earlier in order to arrive downtown on time.

Route 12 Henry, Route 27 Waters, and Route 28 Waters – Transfer point at 37th & Waters is moving 1 block north to the new ‘super stop’ at 36th & Waters. This super stop will go into use with shelters and off-street safety, and it is designed to feature such amenities in the near future as a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) and information kiosk for your convenience. * Due to weather conditions, this super stop opening has been temporarily delayed. Please continue to use the bus stops at 37th & Waters.

All other routes remain the same. Please continue to share your feedback and experiences so we can work together to best serve your needs. As always, thank you for Catching a CAT!

Proposed System Updates: March 2014

Public meetings have been scheduled at various locations throughout January 2014 in order to seek your input. What recommendations do you have for improvements to the fixed route system? Visit our Upcoming Events page for details and please plan to attend. We look forward to hearing from you!

Service Change Notice: Fall 2013

9/9/13 – Savannah’s first intermodal transit center is poised to open October 7, 2013, bringing more comfort and convenience to your daily commute. Prepare for the changes by reviewing the highlights below, and get ready to experience transportation on a whole new level!

Click on the image to open a 2-page document, or visit our Preview page to look at each new schedule.

service change highlights for October 2013, page 1

8/16/13 – We’ve held 2 meetings so far and have another one scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th at 10:00am in the old County Courthouse, 124 Bull Street. Click here to review some of the schedule changes being proposed.

7/15/13 – Service changes are expected for this October. We will be holding public meetings for your input and suggestions beforehand. Please check the Upcoming Events page for details on meeting dates and times, or keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to have the information sent to you.

Schedule Adjustments Coming April 2013

Find each new schedule on our Preview page.

3/18/13 – This service change has a new effective date! In order to make sure we reach everyone and give ample time for final comments and suggestions, we have pushed the March 25th date back to April 8th.

Click on the image below to read the highlights that will go into effect Monday, April 8, 2013.


2/28/13 – You have spoken, and we have heard you. Our next planned service change has been set for March 25, 2013, and you will find adjustments in it based directly on feedback received from you. For example, the 14 Abercorn Local will once again travel the whole corridor between Downtown and the Savannah Mall. The 114X Abercorn Express will be a true express route traveling partially along the parkway and serving 4-5 major stops only. You will also see “clockface” times on our schedules: times on the hour, quarter after, half hour, and quarter of. Learn about all of this and more at our public meeting on Tuesday, March 12th at the Bull Street Library at 5:00 PM.

2/5/13 – As we get closer and closer to the opening of the Joe Murray Rivers, Jr. Intermodal Transit Center, we are continuing to move our schedules toward a pulse system. Learn about pulse systems in the box on the right. The next scheduled board change will take place toward the end of March. We’ve held more than 10 public meetings since the last board change, October 15th, and we have loved hearing your feedback and sharing ideas. Details about the March adjustments will be posted soon.

Pulse System Fast Facts

pulse-smallWith the opening of the Transit Center, the pulse system we’ve been introducing over the past year and a half is in full effect. Learn about it here.

Pulse System Fast Facts