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Rider Tools

CAT has developed a number of tools to help you get around Savannah and our website easily.

  • Help is where you can find quick links to popular areas of our website based on simple keywords; tips and explanations from our Web Tip Wednesdays feature on Facebook; and answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions. You can also email our Webmaster directly to ask additional questions or to suggest new content.
  • Trip Planner, powered by Google, helps you understand the lines that will take you from one address to another and gives you step-by-step directions to reach your destination.
  • Our Alerts page lets you know if any bus or streetcar lines are experiencing temporary delays or irregularities.
  • To find out about upcoming, permanent changes to CAT bus and streetcar lines, visit the Service Updates page.
  • Our Bike & Ride page lets you learn the proper way to secure your bicycle to CAT buses and offers helpful hints for biking and using CAT.

In addition to helping you get around, transit saves money! Calculate Your Savings here.