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A variety of commuting options exist in Chatham County and surrounding areas. Choosing a commute alternative can have great benefits for you and your community. Explore local options to find an alternative to driving alone and some useful tools to help ensure a smooth commute.

Employers: Learn about the Pass Programs specifically designed for getting your employees to and from work or the federal Commuter Choice program that offers tax incentives for employers. Then contact our Marketing & Business Development department or call (912) 629-3916 to discuss options for your customizable pass program.

Local and Express Bus Service

bus iconChatham Area Transit buses offers employees an affordable and convenient option for traveling to and from work. Use the Google Trip Planner tool in the image at the top of this page (click on “Plan Your Trip”), or access our Maps & Schedules to select the best route for your next commute.

Also, consider catching the dot; it’s free and runs through downtown Savannah every 20 minutes.

If you have to drive and your company subsidizes parking in a city lot, let the free Liberty St. Parking Shuttle take you from the garage to your office and back during peak hours.



bike iconSome people can ride a bicycle all the way to work. If that’s not feasible for you, then consider combining your bicycle commute with transit. Bike racks are installed on every CAT bus to make getting around as easy as possible, and information on using the bike rack and other biking resources can be found on our Bike & Ride page.

Residents and visitors also have a bike rental option through CAT Bike – our bike sharing program. Visit CAT Bike logoour Bike & Ride page for details on that, too, or click on the logo to go directly to the CAT Bike website.


Biking Legislation: The Bicycle Commuter Act

The most recent piece of legislation–supported by the Bike Caucus–is Congressman Blumenauer’s Bicycle Commuter Act, which allows employers to offer a fringe benefit of $20 per month for employees for the purchase of a bicycle and any bicycle improvements, repairs, or storage costs.

How the Legislation Works:

  • For employees who regularly commute to work by bicycle, employers may offset the costs of bicycle purchase, improvement, repair, and storage at the rate of $20 per month. Based on how the employer chooses to offer the benefits, the employee may bring receipts to be reimbursed, may sign up for regular monthly payments, or devise some sort of voucher system with their employer.
  • Bike commuters are not allowed to receive transit or parking benefits in addition to the bike benefit.
  • The bike commuter benefit has been in place since January 1, 2009.


pedestrian iconInstead of dealing with traffic and parking, choose walking as your next commute option to work or school. Walking is an important part of every commute and provides a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around. Best of all, walking saves money on commuting costs.


Park and Ride Lots

park-and-ride iconPark and Ride lots are free parking facilities for commuters to use as a convenient meeting place for carpools, transit, and vanpools.

View a map of state Park and Ride lots for your next commute.


carpool iconCarpooling is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to share the ride. It’s flexible to suit your schedule and saves time and money. Register with Coastal Commuters to find a carpool already operating.

According to the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) 2015 Edition of Your Driving Costs, the average cost of owning and operating a medium sedan in 2015 is 58 cents per mile based on 15,000 miles of driving.

Carpooling vs. Driving Alone in a Medium Sedan
(yearly expense based on 22.5 working days per month)

Miles per day

Cost to
drive alone

Cost if 2 people carpool

Cost if 3 people carpool


























Vanpools are a flexible, comfortable, cost-effective way for groups of five to 15 commuters to share their ride to work. Vanpools work best for those who live at least 20 miles away from their workplace and have a consistent work schedule.


However you choose to commute, CAT can help!


Commuter Choice

Are you an employer looking for a tax break?

Are you an employee trying to find a greener way to commute?

Commuter Choice