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CAT provides more than 3.3 million passenger trips per year. We operate multiple modes of transportation, including:


At CAT, we operate 67 buses on 19 lines, plus the fare-free Liberty Street Shuttle and university service. Our operators are extensively trained to know the city well and to drive their vehicles safely. We train our operators to be ambassadors to the city and to be as helpful as possible in getting our passengers safely to their destinations every day.

Ride Free Downtown

Thanks to a partnership with the dot, Savannah’s fare-free Downtown Transportation System, we here at CAT have helped develop a completely free system of transit. Spanning both land and water, this system offers visitors and locals alike an effective (and completely affordable) multi-modal system to get around Savannah’s beautiful historic district.


Because we believe everyone deserves access to public transportation, CAT provides a door-to-door mobility service available to eligible persons with disabilities in Chatham County. To learn about eligibility and all other aspects of our Paratransit program, visit our Accessibility section.

Which CAT to Catch

Choose one of the two options below to determine which CAT to catch:

  1. Google Trip Planner
    In the picture at the top of each page on our website is a green box that says “Plan Your Trip.” Clicking on this opens up our Google Trip Planner where you can enter destinations and desired times and let Google plan your trip. Results will be shown on Google Maps where you’ll see the various transit options available and you can customize your travel plans even further.
  2. System Map
    The system map offers a color-coded map of all the routes served by Chatham Area Transit. Find which route best serves your needs and then visit our Maps & Schedules page to view that route’s individual map and timetables. Please note we are currently updating our system map, so this pdf should be used as a guide.

CAT Connections

CAT buses connect to each other in various locations throughout town. Major intersections include the Transit Center on W. Oglethorpe Avenue, the Oglethorpe Mall, the Savannah Mall, and various Walmarts throughout the county. Please feel free to call our Customer Service Ride Line at (912) 233-5767 for details on specific routes.

If you expect to make a connection, please remember to ask for a transfer before paying the fare on the first bus of your trip.

How to Read Passenger Schedules

Click here to find links to each route/schedule. Routes are typically named for a major road they serve or a particular area of town. For example, the 14 Abercorn primarily travels north and south along Abercorn Street.

Once you have located the route that best suits your needs, follow these easy steps to figure out when to catch a CAT. (You can click on any image below to see a larger version of it.)

1. First make sure you have the most current version of the passenger schedule. 2. Look at the map for any special routing or service notes. 3. Choose the section of the schedule with the day of the week you are traveling. 4. Look at the headings to pick the direction you are traveling (example: Outbound to Savannah Mall; Inbound to Downtown). 5. Find the timepoint (intersection) closest to your boarding point. 6. Look down that column to the time you want to leave. 7. Read across the row to find out your arrival time at the intersection closest to your destination. 8.Be sure to read any special service information marked by an asterisk at the bottom of the schedule. /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto2.jpg /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto3.jpg /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto4.jpg /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto5.jpg /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto6.jpg /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto7.jpg /wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/howto8.jpg

Notes: Afternoon and evening times on schedules are shown in bold.
CAT operates a Holiday Schedule on certain days of the year which are listed on the General Information panel of each schedule.

Signs & Symbols

Below are some common signs and symbols used at CAT. You can find more detailed riding information on the Safety and Security page in this section.

Bus Stop Bus stop locations are marked by a green bus stop sign, an orange bus stop standard, or an orange band painted on a utility pole. Buses stop ONLY at marked bus stops. As the bus you want to ride approaches, indicate to the driver that he or she needs to stop by standing close to the bus stop sign. Benches are not always placed next to the bus stop, and not all people sitting on benches are waiting for the bus. If you are not at the stop, ready to board, you risk the operator passing you. Operators may not see passengers due to overgrown bushes or passengers seeking nearby shelter. Please be mindful that the operator may not be able to safely stop once he or she does see you. Watch for your bus.
Priority Seating Courtesy seats at the front of the bus are for passengers with disabilities, senior citizens, or those needing assistance. We urge any passenger using one of these seats to offer it to someone who needs it more. And as a reminder for your safety, pay your fare or show your ID card before you find a seat. You risk injury to yourself and others if you try to move about when the bus is moving. Please be ready to pay your fare when first boarding the bus so you can then be safely seated.
Window Safety Windows can be opened to allow fresh air into the bus, but passengers must not put arms, legs, or other body parts outside the windows at any time. Please remember to close the windows you have opened before getting off the bus.
Wheelchair Accessible All of CAT’s buses are wheelchair accessible. All buses are clearly marked with the international symbol of accessibility.
/wtk_root/us/cat/_meta/pictures/CAT-symbols/icon-servicedog.gif CAT allows service animals on our vehicles.
No Eating, Drinking, or Smoking Certain behaviors are restricted on the bus for everyone’s safety and comfort. Please refrain from smoking, eating, carrying open beverage containers, playing a radio without earphones, being excessively loud, and littering on the bus. An open can or bottle is an ‘open container'; lidded cups without holes and other closed containers are acceptable. Spilled food and beverages cause safety hazards and stains, and they attract bugs. All groceries, prepared food, and beverages must be securely packaged. Customers take priority over packages for seating space. Proper attire and behavior are required, and service will be denied to persons without shoes or adequate clothing. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
Child Accessibility Babies must be removed from strollers, and strollers must be folded before boarding. Please be considerate of other passengers and operating schedules and have your strollers and children ready to board the bus.

System Map

system map imageSee our entire fixed route network, plus helpful and popular destinations and the routes that serve them, on our current system map.

How to
Bike & Ride

Ride Guide for CAT, including info for fares and bike ridersWant to Catch a CAT with your bicycle? Click the link to see how easily it’s done. (Presentation may take a moment to load.)

Catch a CAT with your Bike

How to Ride with a Disability

icon-accessibilityEveryone can Catch a CAT. Learn how to ride with a disability on our Accessibility page.