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Employer Programs

At CAT we believe a part of our duty is to help the hardworking citizens of Chatham County get to their jobs every day, on time, rain or shine. To that end, we are working with the employers of Greater Savannah to build partnerships and programs that make it easy and affordable for their employees to get to work.

Commuter Pass Program

The CAT Commuter Pass Program offers a convenient, cost-saving option to encourage employees to use public transportation to and from work. It is a partnership between CAT and an employer that establishes a company-wide pass program built on savings, reliability, and sustainability.

How It Works

With the goal of rewarding employees who are using public transportation and encouraging other employees to give it a try, the Commuter Pass Program starts with a survey of current ridership at the business. Information from the survey is then used to customize the program to the employer’s needs and determine the annual cost.

Once the employer enters into a one-year contract with CAT, the employer receives unlimited access to all CAT fixed routes for all employees at a discounted rate. With the Commuter Pass Program, the employer pays for the entire bus pass and receives the equivalent deduction from business income taxes. The employee receives the benefit completely tax free from payroll and income taxes.

email MC900431587[1]To speak with us about the possibilities for your company, please email our Marketing & Business Development department or call (912) 629-3916.

Current Partner(s)

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Check back regularly to learn about more programs and initiatives as we launch them, or visit our Commuter Choice page for information about additional commuting options.