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About CAT Banner

About CAT

CAT gets people moving around Savannah. Our transit services bring hard-working commuters to their jobs, students to their schools, and fun-seekers to entertainment, shopping areas, and restaurants. We provide mobility to residents of the city as well as to large numbers of tourists, taking them to and from the airport, their hotels, and countless attractions.

Reporting to a Board of Directors, an Executive Director manages the day-to-day aspects at CAT. CAT staff use industry “best practices” to handle the details of operations, safety issues, vehicle maintenance, customer care, route design and scheduling, human resources, administration, ridership growth, capital planning, and grant administration. The Board of Directors controls policy issues such as fare structure and service levels.

See the charts below for current ridership information, and use the navigation links on the left to learn more about CAT and how we keep you Always On The Move!

Visit our Contact page for all the ways to keep in touch. 


Daily ridership chart for October 2013

October 2013 ridership

ridership chart for november 2013

November 2013 ridership

ridership chart for December 2013

December 2013 ridership







ridership chart for January 2014

January 2014 ridership

February 2014 ridership chart

February 2014 ridership

ridership chart 2014-03

March 2014 ridership







View all ridership since October 7th in one chart.


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