• Save Some Green!

    St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. Learn about our parade shuttles and late-night services here.

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  • Catch a CAT in 2015!

    Whether your resolution is to SAVE MONEY, GO GREEN, or TRY SOMETHING NEW, we're here for you. Catch a CAT!

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  • Updating the Eligibility Process

    To make our paratransit service more efficient, the eligibility process is getting an upgrade. Click the title to learn more.

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  • Join Our Team

    As the mobility manager for all of Chatham County, we have some exciting opportunities for qualified professionals.

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  • Save Your Money for Sightseeing

    Traveling can be expensive, but we don't think it should be. From the 100X Airport Express to our free downtown services, CAT wants to keep your money in your pocket.

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  • Students of All Ages Welcome

    From grade school to grad school, CAT provides mobility options to save parents money and keep kids on the move.

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  • Savannah Streetcar Project

    Bringing the charm of yesterday together with the innovation of tomorrow, learn about the proposed streetcar project.

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  • A Plan by Any Other Name

    We're putting the brakes on the idea of being 'just a bus company'; read our 5 year business plan here.

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